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i've had an online journal since nov '01. this is version 3.4.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

All I want for Christmas
is a Canon EOS Rebel K2 SLR Camera

When somebody is nice to everyone, and they're nice to you too, it doesn't feel special. You'd never know whether or not they're being fake... I hate it. I also hate when people complain about others being shallow, and then go for the hot ones themselves. Idiot.

Tomorrow is my last day of school. I'm going to the assembly (for Amnesty) and then leaving.

Here is my holiday season schedule thus far:

Saturday/Sunday: Grandparent's house
Mon Dec 22: Big Fish with Taylor Birt, Matt Cadorin and AJ
Sat Dec 27: Rocky Horror at Bloor Cinemas with Evelyn and Shane
Wed Dec 31: Andrea, Trish, Lauren New Years Eve Party
Thurs Jan 1: Getting smashed in my basement with Brent

**Update** Good luck with your tattoo Lauren! I hope all goes well. It'll look amazing :)

All other days I'm free for relaxation, or fun. I want to hang out with you, so let's.

Tis the season
Greg at 11:34 PM

Monday, December 15, 2003

Beans and Cornbread
My Mediocrity

Last night was horrible. I stayed up until 2:30am because I am terrible with procrastination and had to finish an 8-page essay. I did finish it though, so it all ended up being okay. I was so exhausted today that I skipped last period. Brent skipped too, so we came to my house and played chess... That's right, I'm so badass that when I skip school I play chess! I'm such a rebel.

After that... Well everything is a blur. I watched tv and had PB&J for dinner, then watched more tv. I just finished watching 'The Net' with good ole Sandy Bullock. Good movie, it's really suspenseful and interesting. Bah, why am I still awake?

Goodnight, cruel world!
Greg at 10:36 PM

Sunday, December 14, 2003

"Now my shizzle's gone fa-zizzle!"
I love you Fran Drescher.

I played out in the snow with my cousins. I am so cold right now, I would kill for a hot chocolate. My hands and feet are numb, fo' rizzle. I read an article today on how Snoop Dog's "Izzle Latin" is no longer the shizzle... Too bad.

Here's a picture from October 31st 2001 of Olivia, Lauren, Andrea, and I:

Where has all the time gone?
Greg at 3:20 PM

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