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i've had an online journal since nov '01. this is version 3.4.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

This is the police speaking!
This club is closed... Foreva!

I tire of blogger. Livejournal is simpler, and you can view all of your friends' ljs on one page! The only plus about blogger is the fact that you can customize your template... But I'm learning how to customize my lj template! So what's the point of blogger? I DON'T KNOW. I'll still keep this thing alive but as of late my posts have been rare, and will continue to be rare.

On another note, I saw Peter Pan tonight. WORST.MOVIE.EVER. It looks good from the preview, but holy fuck it is so bad. I wanted to tear my eyeballs out at some points... Not only are the effects as annoying as hell, but the acting is shit too. I guess some of the actors were okay, but the whole movie was just mediochre at best. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY, I'M LUCKY I HAD A FREE PASS. Gross...

I was supposed to go to Rocky Horror tonight at Bloor Cinemas, but my plans fell through as usual. Ergh, we've been trying to go for months.

CHRISTMAS WAS INCREDIBLE! Canon EOS Rebel 2000, mmm...

So I was joking around with my mom telling her I would get drunk on New Years Eve while they were away, and now they're thinking of cancelling their trip. Fuck. Oh well!

Ermm... I got a record player and tons of records and now all I need is a receiver and stuff so I am happy. Also, I got a Beatles poster and a Buffy poster. My walls are filled with posters.

Current Music: Ani- 32 Flavours
Greg at 10:54 PM

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

"You know, I always thought that dogs, uh, laid eggs...
...and I, um, learned something today."

I saw 'Something's Gotta Give' with Andrea and Lauren tonight and it was really good. It was funny and smart and sweet and it was the FEEL GOOD MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Um, seeing Diane Keaton naked wasn't eye-candy but it was pretty funny. You saw her bush and everything (really short flashes)... Ugh, she's so wrinkly.


Happy Belated Festivus everyone! I didn't tell anyone what I thought of them, nor did I have a big pole, nor did I wrestle anyone... Oh Seinfeld, I love you.

"It's Christmas Eve Eve"
Greg at 1:11 AM

Sunday, December 21, 2003

"Was he asian?"
"No, he was blond."

Friday I had a blast with Dana and Erica. We cracked eachother up. I saw LotR: RotK and it was SO GOOD!

Saturday and Sunday I went to my grandparents' house in Listowel for Christmas stuff. It was fun and I played Monopoly with Chris. Actually, I played Monopoly while Chris sat there helplessly as I kicked his ass. On the way home from Listowel, I was cold so I used my mom's fur coat as a blanket. I'm ashamed that I even touched it, because it was real beaver fur. My mom's defence is that 'this is what our country was built on'. Anyway that's not the funny part... My mom got mad at me because I was drinking near it, so she told me to put it away. Chris then said: "Yeah Greg, get your hands away from mom's beaver!" Hilarity ensued.

Tonight I went to Andrea's house with Lauren and we watched 'A Clockwork Orange', the Stanley Kubrick classic. It was really good, I liked it a lot. It seemed to have pointless shock factor in the beginning, but it came together as the plotline progressed.

Lauren's tattoo looks really good! It's a faery's black silhouette with purple and pink wings. It's really pretty and it's on her hip.

I have toooooooonnnnnsss of Christmas shopping to do, holy fuck. This will be difficult.

"Hey Lauren, show Andrea your tat!"
Greg at 11:46 PM

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