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i've had an online journal since nov '01. this is version 3.4.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

A Fond Farewell
Possibly temporary.

eLJay is so much better. The Communities, easy friend-pages, private posts, just-friend posts, easy mood & music, better commenting system... I might come crawling back to blogger sooner or later. Probably later, the features aren't too compelling.

Go Here Now.

The [Temporary] End.
Greg at 6:44 PM

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name: greg charlton
dob: 06.10.87
age: 16
hair: dirty blond
eyes: true blue
height: 5"6, growing
weight: 135
colour: green
food: harveys
drink: tea, lemonade
movie: professional
singer: billy joel
song: pain killer
saying: oh, snap!
word: shiznice
tv show: family guy